Announcing the Mt. Hood Fuzz

It began as a simple fuzz pedal, and then things got a little out of hand.

We’re beyond excited to announce the Mt. Hood, a collaboration with Spruce Effects! It’s a triangle muff style circuit with a 3 band EQ, a presence knob, clipping toggle, and germanium boost.

Here’s what Brian says about the pedal:

The Germanium boost is on the right side switch and its controls are indicated by the clear knobs. It utilizes a NOS transistor had selected and measured for this circuit. Spruce Effects is known for utilizing this type of circuit as a stand alone channel as well as a building block for other fuzz and distortion circuits. On its own, it can create loads of subtle tone shaping options or push your amp into serious overdrive. The tone control allows you to manipulate the frequency that is boosted at your guitars input, which is useful running the boost on its on as well as into the fuzz side. 

The Fuzz side is a version of the famous Triangle Big Muff pie and is tuned especially for this pedal. There aren’t a lot of 3-band muffs out there, so we wanted to create something familiar, but also drastically different and interesting. The tone stack has controls for treble, bass, and middle and are all highly interactive in a series of low and high pass filters. The presence control tames some of the harshness and gives you a final control on what the fuzz sounds like. 

The toggle switch in between the two footswitches lets you select between traditional diodes or LEDs in one of the clipping amplifiers. The down position is louder, less compressed, and gives more tight distortion sounds. 

We’re also stoked with the incredible demo by Demos in the Dark!

There are only going to be 10 of these EVER SOLD in pink, and we’re already halfway sold out, so please don’t wait too long to pick one up!

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