Episode 19: Men in Quotation Marks with Louise from Dwarfcraft

This week we have Louise, co-owner of Dwarfcraft Devices on the show! We talk about cheese curds, cats, our favorite Dwarfcraft pedals, karaoke, booth babes (AGAIN), and Nashville. Then, we get into the topic of the episode, which is abusive men in the music and gear industry, things that make women uncomfortable in the industry (like the Guitar World bikini gear guide), and whether or not it’s right to call abusive men “men.” Andrew has a change of heart.

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Sponsored by Jennings Guitars and Dwarfcraft Devices. And special thanks to Zvex Effects!

The Mt. Hood fuzz pedal by Spruce Effects is now available! There will only be 10 ever sold in pink, so don’t wait too long to buy. The Mt. Hood has its humble beginnings as the first ever series of Big Muff, the Triangle version. We ditched the tone control for a passive 3 band eq tone stack, added a presence control after the last gain stage for more tone shaping, put a footswitchable Germanium boost with gain and tone controls, and a diode switch to add an extra order of magnitude of tonal options. 

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Cats on gig bags
Cats on snyths

And here’s the article and the comments section from the Reverb.com blog post Emily mentions.

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