Emily Demos & Reviews Lambertones Jazzmaster Humbuckers


I recently did an A/B test of my Fender Pawnshop Offset Special‘s stock JZHBs Humbuckers and the new Lambertones Pickups Jazzmaster Cremas! For those of you unfamiliar with the Cremas, they’re low-output/uncompressed humbuckers. So, this set is a Jazzmaster-sized Humbucker.

Though the Fender Pawnshop Offset Special looks like it has standard Jazzmaster single coil pickups, it actually has Fender’s version of a Jazzmaster-sized humbucker. They’ve always sounded pretty fine to my ears, but I’ve been wanting a set of Cremas ever since Andrew and I took our trip down to Yakima last summer.

The only problem was … I didn’t have a guitar with Humbuckers that would make sense to upgrade!

So when I found out that Kurtis released Jazzmaster-sized Cremas, I knew I had to get them. And man…they sound GREAT. It’s pretty unbelievable how much sweep you get in the tone knob now. It’s made this personal favorite of mine a significantly more versatile machine.

One hiccup I had was knowing that I’d need to swap out the pots on my guitar. I previously had 250s in there, but Kurtis recommends 500s. For those of you who are looking to swap pickups on a standard Jazzmaster, Kurtis will sell you a fully loaded pickguard, so you literally just have to swap out the pickguard.

But since I wasn’t swapping out a standard Jazzmaster, and I had to update the pots, this was a little intimidating to me. Kurtis kindly offered to wire a harness for me, but I decided to reach out to Gunstreet Wiring Shop to see if there were any extra fun mods they could build for me.

They did not disappoint. We ultimately settled on the tone knob having a push/pull that would give a brighter, Jaguar-like tone when engaged.

Thanks to Gunstreet Wiring Shop, the installation process was a total breeze. Special shout out to Sean for answering some questions I had during the installation process. Seriously, I’m never rewiring another guitar without them. They took a project that would have had me pulling my hair out all day into something that probably took me closer to a half an hour (and only took that long because I was being extra careful).

Sean from Gunstreet even sent me some extra wire that made grounding the pickups even easier. It was a really cool trick!

The final verdict: These pickups are fantastic, and Gunstreet Wiring Shop is magic.

My setup for this demo features

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