Episode 21: If You’re Not Getting Better, You’re Getting Worse feat. Sarah Zimmermann from Striking Matches

Alternate Title: Capes are Underrated. 

This week, Andrew and Emily are joined by Sarah Zimmermann from the duo Striking Matches. You might have heard their songs on the TV show Nashville, Gray’s Anatomy, or on American Idol. 

They talk about how Emily was intimidated by Sarah’s crazy guitar skills in college, a minimalist outlook on pedals, thumbs, T-Bone Burnett, different levels of bleeps, Clifton Worley, her new mindset when it comes to releasing music, Taco Bell, Mas Tacos, and the beauty (and restrictions) of programs like School of Rock and Rock Camps. 

Sponsored by Jennings Guitars.

Listen to the newest Striking Matches song, “Don’t Hold Back” on Spotify. Or buy it! We highly recommend buying music. 

The Mt. Hood fuzz pedal by Spruce Effects is now available! There will only be 10 ever sold in pink, so don’t wait too long to buy. The Mt. Hood has its humble beginnings as the first ever series of Big Muff, the Triangle version.

We ditched the tone control for a passive 3 band eq tone stack, added a presence control after the last gain stage for more tone shaping, put a footswitchable Germanium boost with gain and tone controls, and a diode switch to add an extra order of magnitude of tonal options.  

Listen on iTunes.

Listen on Spotify.

Listen on Google Play.

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