Making Your Own Thunder

Note: Websites ain’t free, so this post contains affiliate links. I’ve never been much of a fuzz guy. I’ve tried a ton — I even bought the Muffaletta by JHS just to have those extra options. Surely with all those fuzzes, I’d bond with one of them, right? It didn’t happen. Not with that pedal….

Emily Writes About Tenor Guitars for Eastwood

Emily wrote a blog post for Eastwood Guitars recently that compares tenor guitars to banjos! In case you didn’t know, tenor guitars are four string guitars that can be tuned in fifths like a mandolin or like the top four strings of a standard six-string guitar. She had a great time writing about the physical…

Emily’s #1RiffADay Challenge

In December 2018, She Shreds challenged its readers to write one riff every single day in December. It didn’t have to be fancy, it just had to be yours (and, ideally, take you more than 10 minutes to write).