Episode 7: Dream Guitars and Pink Doghair

This week, Emily and Andrew talk about the Ainsley prototype, a guitar Emily designed with Kevin Equitz of Equitz Guitars. That gets them talking about general dream guitars, including doghair finishes. 

Emily Demos The Astronomer V2 with Rick Matthews

Over the summer, Emily and Andrew drove down to Richland, WA to meet up with Rick Matthews of Matthews Effects.  At the time, Rick had just released The Astronomer V2, which features improved algorithms from the original Astronomer, the Gold Astronomer, and The Fool.  Emily happens to own the Gold Astronomer and The Fool, so…

Episode 7: Road Trip to Matthews Effects!

This week’s episode was recorded during a road trip to Richland, WA shortly after Matthews Effects released the Astronomer V2! We talk about the ethics of building, his wildly popular Facebook group, limited runs, and more.  Listen on iTunes. Listen on Spotify. Listen on Google Play.

Episode 5: Bring it On Down to TunaTown!

This week on the Get Offset podcast, Emily and Andrew sit down with Canadian guitar builder Leila Sidi of TunaTone Instruments. They talk about cats, guitars, and the guitar building community.